About the Established Lyfe

The Vision

Established Fashion and Lifestyle is a business to consumer brand providing world class fashion business and lifestyle education, personal development, services and training support to artists internationally. Estifanos Berta-Samuel established the company with the concept of subcontracting directly with talent; talent management and other brands/clients to meet international standards by way of excellently designed products and services, and in-depth training courses. In addition, Established Fashion and Lifestyle will, in coming seasons, offer cosmetics; ready to wear fashion, fragrances and accessories to the buying public.

"Wherever attention is directed,
energy abounds"

The Mission

Established Fashion and Lifestyle intends to accomplish two points, the first: to raise brand
awareness internationally within the next two years. The second is to make “breaking into
the fashion industry”, a pleasant and rapid experience for consumers, by providing them with
relevant, cutting-edge information and skills, in an experiential, career fast track learning
environment. This will be no ordinary training centre, but a training centre where artisans
quickly ascertain the orchestrations of their job function(s) and gain work experience locally
and internationally.

Your life is bound to change for the better.

Our Books & courses

How we became Established

All manifestation is ruled by one thing and it is spiritual law. Estifanos shares personal experiences of employing spiritual principles and provides brief explanations and scripture references to give you firm understanding of and illustrate their operation. Equip yourself legally with principles and laws behind the science of manifestation and legislate God’s law in every area of your life.

Canvas every area of your life and create a successful formula to be used as a strategy for activating manifestation. With this user-friendly approach Estifanos walks you, step by step, through a six-point formula as you set the inertia of your year into motion.