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About Estifanos

Estifanos Berta-Samuel is a multihyphenate artist ecstatic about empowerment and inspiring all through fashion and entertainment. He is a published author, creative director, fashion model and founder of Global African Fashion Incubator. Estifanos is CEO of Established Fashion and Lifestyle, a personal brand committed to fashion business education, luxury lifestyle, and spiritual empowerment. His work has been featured in campaigns such as Absolute Vodka; Los Angeles and South Africa Fashion Weeks, Cartoon Network’s Dance Club, and So You Think You Can Dance. Estifanos is a graduate of Howard University, and Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and currently resides between Atlanta and Johannesburg, South Africa. ​

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WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Bro...I love it...explanation... presentation...transparency about hearing from God! This is truly AMAZING!!!
Voice Over Artist
“Framing Your Year ” helped me to organize, prioritize, and plan my year accordingly. I am so excited to complete my projects now because I took this training. I felt over whelmed with my work load; I was lacking in many areas such as strategies, time management, and prioritizing. I was dreading even star ting a project because I didn’t have a formula for success until now.
Personal & Vegan Cghef
Framing Your Year was right on time! I have so many goals and ideas but didn’t know how to organize them. Your strategy really helped me to feel like I can accomplish each item one by one and be successful. I’m so excited for the year to come!
Policy Specialist